Eddie Russell


With 30+ years of experience, Edward Freeman Russell knows a thing or two about bourbon. As the son of renowned master distiller, Jimmy Russell, and the fourth generation Russell to work at the Austin Nichols distillery in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, Eddie Russell is of an unmatched pedigree in the bourbon industry. Russell began his career at the distillery as a relief operator, eventually becoming a supervisor of new production and then a warehouse supervisor. After two decades in the business, he assumed the position of Manager of Barrel Maturation and Warehousing. In this role, he collaborated with his father to create “Russell’s Reserve,” the award-winning, 10-year old small-batch bourbon that serves as testimony to the family’s heritage of distilling craftsmanship and tradition. Eddie Russell was recently promoted to Associate Distiller, where he will work even closer with Jimmy to ensure the continuation of the quality, taste and genuine spirit of Wild Turkey® Bourbon.